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    Samoyed Dog Appreciation Post!

    I don’t mesh with dogs, but I want one of these.

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    I wish I could skip all this and just be 25 w a serious job and in a serious relationship I hate all this figuring out things


    LOL 25

    Shoot for maybe 36 or something. 


    Nope.  36 sucks balls.  You’re sort of halfway to the grave and realizing that you haven’t done half of the things you wanted to do.  So it’s the age when you decide to get your shit together and get it in gear.

  3. mayifindher:

    Possibly the best GoT cast photo I’ve found yet.

    Let’s see, that’s Oberyn, Jaime, Shae, Brienne, Loras, Ellaria, Tywin, Varys, and Tyrion, right?

    Damn, I’m good.

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  4. There goes my hormone level.

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    Ah Jason, he is a total legend. Yes, our first ever meeting in the lobby of a Belfast hotel did start by him rugby tackling me to the floor yelling “WIFEY!!”

    - Emilia Clarke

    That’s just fucking precious.


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  6. thaliasandy:


    Confession 35: Beth is underrated as a character by some fans, imo, as is Emily’s acting. But the irony is many who are doing so, applaud Carol/MMB right now (and rightfully so in some senses) yet she had the same exact critiques flung at her before her character got a more prominent storyline. In my opinion, some fans are way too impatient.

    It’s true, I don’t care much about Beth. However, Melissa Mcbride has been a superb actress since season 1 and Emily just isn’t.

    I think the question is, can you hold your own in a scene with someone who chews the scenery as easily as breathing (for instance, Norman Reedus)?

    Melissa McBride has always had a quiet, calm, poignantly vulnerable energy that interacts well with all cast members, and that is why I think she is such a wonderful actress and does so well as Carol.  I freely admit that where once I watched TWD for Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, I now watch for Melissa McBride.  She’s just that good.

    Emily Kinney comes from a singing background, and may not be as used to using silence and simmering restraint to express herself.  She has an opportunity in the next season to work on that.  If she can do that, she will blossom.  If not, she will collapse against the power of the other actors around her.

    I always wanted to see what would happen if they put Merle and Beth in a room together, but since that will not occur in canon, my other wish would be to see Beth pitted against Abraham or Tyreese and see what happens.


  7. Complaints and Grievances

    1. Sneezing.  Motherfucking sneezing.  Fuck you, pollen.
    2. Passive job search.  Just fucking hire me already so I can tell my current asshole boss to go fuck himself, buy a newer used car, and start saving for my house.
    3. Vacuum cleaner.  I need a new one.  Preferably with the ability to suction up cat litter from the carpet.  And which doesn’t go bitchcakes when it ingests hair.

    That’s about it.

    Peace out, bitches.

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    That cat is not even playful, he is downright -concerned- about this fucking penguin aelinawhwa


    S-sir? Sir, what are you-

    Sir, are you-

    Sir, please stop.


    Are you okay?

    I can’t remember if I blogged this or not but oh my fucking cute.


    Reblogging so I can find it again because CUTE.

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    Little Presents to show how much Drogon loves his mum.

    Credit goes to Rozefire on Deviantart.



  10. flawedxdesign:

    Oh, and is anyone else wondering how the fuck Drogon grew from the size of a small dog to the size of a small horse so fast? How much time has gone by since season three ended? Those dragons are HUGE.


    It does a (dragon’s) body good.