1. Chris Pratt.

    Before: adorable.

    Now: adorable.

    Doesn’t matter his weight, he’s still fucking adorable.

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  2. About the Blogger


    name: Mary Elizabeth
    birthday: July 2
    zodiac: Cancer
    single or taken: partnered (no one takes me)
    height: 5’4”

    eye color: grey-blue-amber-green
    middle name: Elizabeth
    favorite color: hydrangea blue
    lucky number: 13


    hogwarts house: Slytherin
    favorite fictional character: Emily Byrd Starr
    favorite television show: The Closer
    favorite season: summer
    describe yourself in a few words: nurturing, organized, cheerful, sarcastic
    future children’s names: Isobel (I’ll figure the boys out if ever I have any)
    meaning of your name: "beloved oath-of-God"
    ultimate otp: 

    what do you plan to/do for a living: administration/writing

    starbucks order: nothing because I fucking HATE coffee

    dawn or dusk
    righty or lefty (ambidextrous)
    coffee or tea (DIET COKE)
    rain or shine
    reading or writing (BOTH)

  3. hippopotalust:

    Images by Johan Kuno

    Fuckin’ hippos, man.

    Badass motherfuckers can SING.

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  4. slicknyc:




    I was all set to be snarky about this, but I think Neil did well enough on his own.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson’s smash album, "Smooth Cosmos"

    Track 1- Your Heavenly Body (My Telescope)

    Track 2 — Carbon Dating 

    Track 3 - It Was Written in the Stars

    Track 4 - Dark Matters of the Heart

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  5. I was just wondering—my daughter’s wedding is—well, it’s in three hours, actually, and, uh… You decided to go.

    Andy Flynn and Sharon Raydor?

    Oh my.

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  6. This Past Week

    Wednesday was my birthday. The Wolf wrote me a poem ( a motherfucking poem, people!) which he posted on Facebook for everyone to see.

    Friday was 4th of July, which I spent being cuddled by The Wolf as the fireworks went off because it was cold and windy.

    Saturday The Wolf (at the urging of Brother Bear) took me to an arboretum so I could frolic with the flowers. He also landed his first client for his start-up company. And then we roamed the neighborhood later that evening looking for people setting off fireworks so we could kiss under them.

    Sunday The Wolf took me to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday. We brought leftovers back and I barely managed one last nibble of my Lemoncello Cream Torte before Brother Bear ate the entire slice in EIGHT BITES.

    As of July 6, I have successfully completed a year-long relationship, and, after some honest conversation, the Wolf and I decided to keep going out with each other because we like each other, we like who we are around each other, and we have a lot of fun with each other.

    I think this is what being emotionally healthy and nurturing looks like.

  7. My stanky mancat, Chewbacca, doing his best to beat the heat.

  8. alittlechaotic:

    Happy hump day yall!

  9. Winner What the Sky Looked Like written by Leigh57
    Runner UpThis Alright? written by Gone Random

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  10. bsparrow:

    Winner Graveyard Dirt and Salt / Black Cat Bone / John the Conqueror Root written by SpyVsTailor
    Runner Up Stray / Wildfire written by BSparrow

    Awesome! Thanks everyone!

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